Moody Blues

Most of us will remember the days when discount, $2 shops were all the rage, where we would eagerly run clutching our weekly pocket money (and we’re talking $2, kids these days have it easy) hoping to find a new trinket to keep us occupied for the rest of the week. Mood rings were one of those trinkets; made of plastic they were cheap conceptions of our dream jewellery and we would spend hours staring at the quartz, hoping to see the colours change along with our emotions.

Fast forward to 2016 and the mood ring has made a comeback in a huge way. Olivia Kane has realised our wish to relive those childhood moments with an adult version we literally can’t keep our hands off. Classic in design and just the perfect amount of delicate, these perfectly constructed pieces are made of 14k gold and stirling silver (plastic, eat your heart out).

Why the sudden fascination? Like all fashion, coolness factor is cyclical. The trump card for mood jewellery might be found in the childhood memories they instil in us – of innocence and wonder, when things were ‘easy’ and lives less complicated. The added bonus is the healing qualities of the clear quartz, known to draw negative energy away from the body leaving it cleansed and refreshed. No wonder we feel so happy when we wear them…or that might just be because they are jewellery perfection.

September 09, 2016 by The Armoury
Tags: Jewellery