Why scrunchies are (back) in

Back in the early 2000’s, our hero Carrie Bradshaw spent almost an entire 20 minute episode of Sex and the City berating Berger about the horrors of the scrunchie. Was she wrong? We certainly don’t like to think so – any girl who can wear a newspaper print Christian Dior dress so confidently could not possibly be wrong. However like all trends, fashion is cyclical and so everything we have seen and cringed over in past decades has been coming back to haunt us…or is it more a case of proving us too critical?

“How many times have you heard someone say ‘we all get a hall pass for the 90s’?”

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of it. We aren’t believers of the latest trends, we wear what we want, when we want. Wearing snap pants in 2016 may seem like a faux pas, but then why were we so ‘blind’ back in 2001? Perhaps the answer is, we weren’t blind at all. How many times have you heard someone say ‘we all get a hall pass for the 90s’, and automatically nodded your head in approval? The way we see it, scrunchies are the poster child for all that was good in the 1990s, and definitely aren’t reserved just for school children 10 and under. Why settle for another boring hair tie when you can decorate your hair? If there’s one thing Carrie was wrong about, it’s that the idea of the ‘trend’ is everything. Tell your friends; side ponytails and scrunchies are – and always were – in.