We aren’t about throwaways you wear once and forget.

We are about the pieces you yearn for, save for, and keep forever. The ones you store tucked away in your favourite jewellery holder, and bring out on special occasions or even just on a Monday when you want something a little different. We are about the classics, the pieces that define you and describe you.

01. The details

We believe the details, as small as they may be, make the person. We take great care in selecting only the best pieces, the ones that elevate your outfit/personality/mood like no other. When you purchase a jewel from The Armoury, you’re purchasing a piece of yourself.

02. The designers

We aren’t blasé when it comes to choosing our designers. We pick the ones who stand out, who handcraft items meant to last, who have something…’else’ to offer besides the current trend this month. We have selected a carefully curated collection of pieces for you to treasure for years to come.

Perhaps you’re wondering why our pieces are more expensive than other, similar jewellery stores? There are two main reasons for this. One, we work with a small, carefully chosen group of independent designers who create each piece from scratch themselves – our treasures are not mass manufactured! This means you will be getting an individual piece with it’s own character (much like you!) Two, the majority of our designers prefer to work with pure and precious metals and conflict free stones rather than cheaper variants. This may mean the pieces cost a little more than others, but by the same token, they will be with you for life.

03. The armoury girl

The Armoury girl is one who knows there is only a fine line between unkempt and chic; teetering on the borderline of caring yet not giving a fuck is her thing. She often falls asleep in last night’s outfit and jewels, though has one special piece she never takes off (a piece she probably bought as a present to herself).

Her often haphazard style always somehow looks perfectly (and yet indifferently) thrown together – think Vetements with heels or vintage fur and sneakers – yet she knows that what she wears is a reflection of herself; strong, true, unapologetic.

The Armoury girl is low key, tomboy pretty, tousled beauty.